The following themes and sub topics have been identified for IUFoST 2014. These themes are subject to change. We look forward to receiving your abstracts in great numbers!

Each theme represents a minimum of 5 sessions, that will be placed within the parallel sessions.

Sessions in blue do not accept abstract submissions.


Potential Regulatory Issues

  • Food Labeling and Health Claims

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBD
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Hans Verhagen, Senior Scientific Adviser 'Nutrition and Food Safety', National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven, The Netherlands
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Will Yan, Director, Bureau of Nutritional Sciences, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • Food Traceability/Authenticity

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker:  Frank Busta, Emeritus Head of Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • Harmonization of Regulations

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Huub Lelieveld, President, Global Harmonization Initiative, The Netherlands

  • Contaminants in Foods

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Samuel Godefroy, Director General, Food Directorate, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada


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Consumer Behaviour and Sensory Evaluation

  • Development of New Sensory Methodologies

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Beverly Tepper, Dept. of Food Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

  • Sensory Taste Perception

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: David Linemeyer, Vice President, Biology, Senomyx Inc., San Diego, CA, USA

  • Global Consumer Trends

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Liz Sloan, Professional Member of IFT, Institute of Food Technologists, Chicago, IL, USA
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Jordan LeBel, Associate Professor (Marketing), John Molson School of Business, Montreal, QC, Canada  

  • Diet, Health and the Consumer

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Richard Mattes, Distinguished Professor, Department of Nutrition Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA


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Innovation Through Collaboration (Industry, Academia, Government, Consumers)

  • Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Food Industry and Academia in Addressing Future Needs (Local/Global View)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Robert Fisher, Chief Techinical Officer, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Denver, CO, USA
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: R. Paul Singh, Distinguished Professor and Engineer at Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis, CA, USA

  • The New Wave - Open Innovation and Recent Progress in Interfacing Science, Consumer Insights, Product Development and Business Needs

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Todd Abraham, Senior Vice President, Research and Nutrition, Mondelez International, Deerfield, IL, USA
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Pam Henderson, Cofounder and CEO, NewEdge Inc., Richland, WA, USA

  • Government, Academia and Industry Roles in Driving Science, Innovation and R&D for the Food Ecosystem

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Patrick Kolar, Head of Unit "Food, Health and Wellbeing" - DirectorateGeneral for Research and Innovation, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Jozef Kokini, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA


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Industrially-Relevant Products and Issues

  • Bakery Products - Innovative Ingredients and Processes

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: John Taylor, Theme Leader for functional biomolecules and health-promoting foods, Department of Food Science, University of Pretoria, Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa

  • Post-harvest Technologies, Quality and Safety of Fruits and Vegetables I and II

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Dietrich Knorr, Professor at Department of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering at Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany

  • Processing of Pulses

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Mehmet Tulbek, Director, Research & Development, AGT Foods Research & Development Centre, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

  • Sodium and Sugar Reduction

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Steve Labrie, Associate Professor, Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods, Université Laval, Québec, QC, Canada

  • What's in a Label?

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: LuAnn Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights, Duiven, The Netherlands



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Food and Health

  • Aboriginals, First Nations and Indigenous Topics

    Confirmed Speakers: Harriet Kuhnlein, Professor Emerita, McGill University, Centre for Indigenous Peoples Nutrition and Environment (CINE) and School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Anacortes, WA, USA

  • Food Bioactive-matrix Interactions I and II

    Confirmed Speakers: Richard Ostlund, Professor of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA

  • Food Bioactives, Nutraceuticals and Functional Food (ISNFF Session)

    Confirmed Speakers: TBA

  • Gut Health, Fibre and Pre-biotics (CIHR Session)

    Confirmed Speakers: TBA

  • Nutrigenomics

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Ahmed El Sohemy

  • Sugar and Health: The Controversy Continues

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBA



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Food Nanotechnology

  • Safety Aspect of Food Nanotechnology (ICSU Session)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Pingfan Rao
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Chidombaram Ramilingam
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Ibrahim Emadfa
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Christine Sabliov
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Naushed Emmaux

  • Structure Development and Property Control

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: An-I Yeh, Professor and Director, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Nanodelivery Systems for Improved Food Safety and Human Health

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Harijinder Singh, Distinguished Professor, Riddet Institute, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

  • Nano-enabled Food Processing and Packaging

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Maria Rubino, Associate Professor, School of Packaging, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

  • Consumer Perception and Regulatory Developments of Nanoengineered Materials in Food

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Lynn Frewer, Professor of Food and Society, School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK


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Food Safety

  • Allergens

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Steve Taylor, Professor and Co-Director, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

  • Yeast, Fungi, and Other Fungal Metabolites *In honour of Tibor Deak

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Purnendu Vasavada, Professor Emeritus, Fellow - ASM, IFT, IAFP, PCV & Associates, LLC, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls, WI, USA

  • Microbes, Virology, Parasites and Other Infectious Agents

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Cannon, Assistant Professor, Center for Food Safety, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA, USA

  • Microbiological, Physical and Chemical Safety of Agricultural Products and Processed Foods I and II

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Joseph Scimeca, Director of Food Regulatory Affairs, Cargill Inc., Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • ICMSF Session

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker:TBA


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Food Chemistry

  • Additives and Ingredients

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Curtis, Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

  • Food Bioactives: Identification, Characterization and Efficacy Part I and II

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Maria Traka

  • Glass Transitions (ISOPOW Session)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBA

  • Food Structure and Functionality I and II

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Derick Rousseau, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biology, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Detecting Food Adulteration

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Bob Hanner, Associate Director for the Canadian Barcode of Life Network, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada

  • Small Angle Scattering of Foods

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Elliot Paul Gilbert, Instrument Scientist for QUOKKA, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, Lucas Heights, Australia


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Food Processing

  • European Food Engineering Highlights (EAFE Session)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBA
  • Food Process/Package Modeling

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Ashim K. Datta, Professor, Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
  • Emerging Technologies (HPP, PEF, Ozone, PL/UV, etc)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Marc Hendrickx, Head of Laboratory and Professor, Center for Food and Microbial Technology KU Leuven, Heverlee, Belgium

  • Life Cycle Analysis (CIRAIG Session)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBA
  • Packaging: MAP, Material Properties, Biodegradables/Edible Films

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Kit Yam, Professor, Department of Food Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
  • Nonthermal energy input food processing - the state of the engineering sciences (ISFE Session)

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBA
  • Thermal Processing, Minimal Processing and Hurdle Technology

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Hosahalli Ramaswamy, Professor, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Thermal Processing - Microwave & Radio Frequency Heating Applications

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Tim Durance, Director, President & Chief Executive Officer, EnWave Corporation, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Predictive Microbiology, Microbial Modeling

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Thomas P. Oscar, Research Food Techologist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Princess Anne, MD, USA


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Convergence Innovation for Affordable Food, Health and Healthcare

  • Bridging Technologies to Innovation Through the Whole of Society

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Prabhu Pingali, Founding Director, Cornell-Tata Initiative Agriculture-Nutrition, Ithaca, NY, USA
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Klaus Kraemer, Director, Sight and Life, Basel, Switzerland
  • Consumer Insights, Whole-System Innovation, and Interventions for Accelerating Obesity and NCDs Prevention and Control

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Thomas Shultz, Professor, Department of Psychology and School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Marc Giroux, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, Metro Inc.,Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Technologies, Business Models, Innovation Ecosystems for Affordable Dietary Diversity and Balance

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: PK Joshi, Director-South Asia, International Food Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, India
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Gordon Bacon
  • Integrated Solution to Hunger, Stunting, Anemia and Neglected Diseases of the Poor

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Saibal Ray
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Philip Donne, CEO, Danone
  • Digital Technologies and Enabling Systems for Home Nutrition, Health and Self-Care Through the Lifecourse

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Steven A. Grover
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Giovanni Battistini, Global Vice President Innovation, Firmenich, Inc., Plainsboro, NJ, USA
  • Technologies, Metrics, Systems and Enabling Policy for Affordable Nutrition, Health and Health Care

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: David Buckridge, Medical Informatics McGill, Montreal, QC, Canada
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Paul Donato, Minister of Health, Aruba


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  • Introduction

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: John McDermott, Director, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)- CGIAR Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health, Washington, DC, USA
  • Evolution of Consumption and Shaping of Future Food Systems

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: John Ingram, Food Systems Programme Leader, IEnvironmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Filling the Production Shortfall

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Mario Herraro
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Catherine Bertini
  • Avoiding Losses from Current Production Levels

    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: TBA
    Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Geoge Ooko


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